Malaysians have gone through a lot for their beloved country. We dared to dream of a better future when Dr Mahathir Mohamad first pitched the Vision 2020 way back in 1991.

Many among the rakyat still try to make Malaysia a better place every year. It’s truly ‘Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh.’

This Merdeka, we ask our readers what makes them proud to be Malaysian despite all the dramas they’ve seen unfold in the country over the years:

Despite it all, we still manage to live under one roof in peace called Malaysia <3 – Santhana

“Anne, roti canai tapau.” 3 languages, 1 sentence. – Siva Kumar Chandran

The Malaysian culture. – the_epicure_mum

That we look out for each other. – Teresa

We look out for each other. There are so many stories of Malaysians helping the less fortunate, especially in our current situation. – Winny

We’re multicultural. We live without war and at peace. – Jwala

I’m proud of our affordable yet relatively high standard of healthcare. Also, I love how we enjoy celebrating each other’s cultural festivals. – YN

The love for food. – Qi Wen

Two words: Malaysian food. – Praveen

$!Despite it all, what makes you proud as a Malaysian?

I got good food, great people, and we’re polyglots! – Daphne

Nasi kandar! – Yusry Rofeman

We have one of the best culinary experiences in the world. – Linda

Having friends with different ethnicities, and I learnt to speak 5 languages. – Pua

Mixed cultures and plenty of opportunities. – Kiru

The various cultures and languages we have. – WSueY

Most of us are multilingual since young. – Kiry

Kindness. – Mr K

We are a multiracial country that celebrates different festivals and we have lots of food choices. – Gengadevi Koothaperumal

The people – Tina

$!Despite it all, what makes you proud as a Malaysian?

Don’t know what to eat because too many choices lah. – bb.katun

Variety of yummy food. – Farah

Variety of cultures. – Nivedha Murugan

The fact that I love durians makes me a true Malaysian. - Cherisha Sharma

Public holidays. – Kaarthik

Food came to my mind instantly. – Olivia

What makes us Malaysian is our language is rojak like no other language. – zyinwty

Our multiracial citizens living in harmony. – S

Peaceful and so many foods to eat. – Shaqi Sumari

Food – Tara

Diversity – Choeh Jiat Chan

This article was first published in theSun Buzz Merdeka edition. Feeling bored this Merdeka Day? Check out these long series to binge watch and reminisce with the cast of The Walking Dead as they approach their final season.