Easy Halloween Decor

Get in the Halloween mood with these fun and easy home decor

30 Oct 2020 / 12:39 H.

This year’s Halloween is most likely going to be an indoor event at home but that doesn’t mean the festive vibe can’t go on. With these simple spooky yet fun decorations to spruce up the home, it’ll feel like Halloween never left.

1. Halloween paper garlands

By One Little Project
By One Little Project

Halloween doesn’t need to be all about the spooks and scares. For something fun and cheery, these Halloween paper garlands in the shape of bats, pumpkins, spiders, ghosts and black cats are perfect. They can be hung in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen or even as doorway tassels.

2. Halloween shadow box

Easy Halloween Decor

With the pandemic still raging on, everyone is stuck indoors and there’s no way there’ll be a haunted house tour. Fortunately, you can easily whip up a mini haunted house shadow box using a cardboard box, black papers, string lights, LED tea lights and some creativity.

The template by can be downloaded HERE

3. Ghost lights

By Say Yes
By Say Yes

These cute ghost lights will easily brighten up your Halloween at home and they’re easy to make. All you need are ping pong balls, a large sheer fabric, string lights, a marker pen and a cutter knife. Get creative when you draw a variety of ghostly expressions on the ping pong ball.

Get the step-by-step DIY HERE

4. Snake wreaths

Easy Halloween Decor

Snake wreaths definitely put a Halloween-spin on the usual Christmas wreaths and it gives off some Medusa-vibes. Gather the old Christmas wreaths from the previous year and start gluing plastic toy snakes on it using a hot glue gun. The snake wreath is a great décor addition to spook away unwanted guests.

5. Mini paper pumpkins

By Easy Peasy and Fun
By Easy Peasy and Fun

To escape from carving actual Jack-o-lanterns, bust out some orange, black and green papers and get the young ones to help craft mini pumpkins for the house. This easy-to-do craft looks good on the table, at the corner of kitchen counter and even if it’s just for the kids to play with.

Learn how to do it HERE

6. Halloween tree

We don’t know who busts out the Christmas tree this early in the year but you can be the first! Putting together a Halloween tree doesn’t take much work because all you need to do is to hang up some ornaments with the right lighting. A Halloween tree can be a hodge podge of anything spooky or it can be thematic too such as movie monsters only or skulls and bones. If you’re feeling extra lazy, get a black Christmas tree (or spray paint the old green one) and hang up the usual Christmas ornaments.

7. Spooky straw toppers

Another simple way to liven up a party with Halloween décor is to surprise guests with spooky straw toppers. Easily made using coloured papers, you just need to cut out shapes such as bats, skulls, ghosts, black cats, witch’s pointed hats or pumpkins. Once it’s all cut out, just push them through the straws. An alternative is to tie a black ribbon on the straw and make it look like a bat.

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