Girls’ Generation members hated Beautiful Girls MV

26 Mar 2021 / 12:07 H.

Girls’ Generation has many iconic songs and music videos. Thus, it’s hard to believe that the members of Girls’ Generation have one song and music video that they strongly hate.

A recent chat between group member Tiffany Young and host JaeJae in an episode of MMTG revealed that the girl group hated one of their music videos.

Tiffany Young
Tiffany Young

The segment started out with JaeJae praising Tiffany’s iconic line in the song “Genie” where she said, “DJ, put it back on.” She attributed the iconic line to SM Entertainment producer Yoo Young Jin whose voice she described as cool and sexy.

This reminded JaeJae of the song “Beautiful Girls” which featured Yoo Young Jin himself. To this, Tiffany immediately reacted negatively to the memory of the song.

“Oh my god, no. Not that song. I need you to zip it. Not that song,” she said while holding her hand up.

Apparently, everyone in Girls’ Generation hated the song very much due to the cringey music video. JaeJae agreed and said the slow-motion in the music video was “too much.”

Tiffany shared they couldn’t do much about the direction of the video then. They were told to “Just do it!”

Watch the music video of “Beautiful Girls” linked above and judge for yourself.

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