Hero dynamics

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan explores the relationship dynamic of their characters

05 Apr 2021 / 10:29 H.

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Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is centered on the dynamics between the two characters who are polar opposites of each other. This polarity in personality is also what makes the upcoming Marvel series a parallel nod to the feel good buddy cops shows. Most importantly, the audience can’t wait to watch Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes get paired together to save the world.

Both the actors, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, were happy to have six-episodes to develop their characters as they struggle to find their way in a post-Blip world without Iron Man and Captain America and go on a journey of recovery together.

Hero dynamics

“After Kevin Feige killed Iron Man, we have to put ourselves [in a position] where we have to introduce these new characters to the audience and give them that relationship, that history that the characters have built up over 10 years,” said Mackie.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes don’t gel together as smoothly as friendships go but that was exactly what drew in the audience.

Hero dynamics

With such a stark contrast, how did the actors and the head writer play on the dynamic of the relationship between the two characters?

“Take away the mutual best friend and the truth of their relationship is laid bare,” said head writer Malcolm Spellman.

“They are like fire and ice. Sam reacts spontaneously from the gut, and Bucky is more cold and calculated. Everyone saw the 30-second clip in ‘Civil War’ when they bicker about the placement of Sam’s seat. We build on that chemistry.”

Sebastian Stan explained that both of the characters share the experience of being soldiers and as men who have served the country. Thus, they have a bit of an honour code between them although they don’t always see eye to eye.

Hero dynamics

Anthony Mackie agreed and said that both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have a mutual respect and understanding for each other.

“I feel like with this series, we've been able to show you why Sam and Bucky are who they are and why they believe in what they believe,” he said.

“You get to meet and get to know them as three-dimensional characters. You get to see them as people. It's funny because usually in a movie forum, you only have two hours to tell the beginning, middle and ending of a story. But we have six episodes to tell the entire scope of where these characters have been, how they feel about the world they're in, and where they're going once this series is over,” Mackie added.

Hero dynamics

In the series, Bucky is finally making a concerted effort to take charge of his life after getting his mind healed by the Wakandans. However, this includes making some difficult amends.

“He is working to unburden himself from the trauma of being the Winter Soldier,” director Kari Skogland said. “He believes that will get him closer to knowing what he wants.”

However, Stan asserts that Bucky’s past is there to stay. “Look, there's always going to be a darker side of this character, which I’ve always loved—it’s what makes him more interesting and complex,” he said.

“I feel like that doesn’t go away. It's still there deep down. He's just learning how to deal with it a little bit better.”

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Hero dynamics

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