Go ahead and celebrate Friendship day on Aug 7

EVERY year, Friendship Day is observed to celebrate the value of one the most beautiful relationships in the world. Whether you accept it or not, friends are a crucial aspect of life. You should always keep them near to you and never let them leave. You are lucky if you have someone who connects with you on several levels, who understands your unspoken thoughts, and who is there when no one else is. Friends offer us love, they make us feel unique, and we should all be grateful for such a gift.

BUZZ recently asked readers to send in their wishes for their BFFs ahead of Friendship Day this weekend (Aug 7):

$!Priya is thankful for all the good times shared with her friends.


“Friendships do not have to be formed between people of the same gender; a man and a woman can also be called friends/besties! I have male best friends that mean a lot to me. No matter how much I struggle, I can confidently state that they will always be there for me, not to mention how protective they are of me. I’m really grateful for this group of folks that make my life more interesting! They unknowingly taught me all the little things in life, for which I am eternally thankful! Thank you, besties, for always making me feel secure and comfortable among men and for always trusting me to listen when you’re going through a difficult time. Just know that I will always lend you my ears and shoulders, and I will always be there for you! That being said, have a wonderful International Friendship Day, everyone.”

$!Ain (left) became Fazilah’s cousin by blood, besties by choice.


“Dear Kak Ain, all I know is that I’ve been extremely fortunate since the day I was born to have such a down-to-earth and caring cousin sister to depend on and share my thoughts with. Thank you for listening when no one else would, and for the friendship we have. You know me better than anybody else; you’ve always had a knack of lifting me out of a bad mood and making me grin. I’ve laughed with you, grieved with you, sought your guidance, and loved you wholeheartedly. I am extremely grateful for all of the moments we have spent together.”

$!Carrie Chung, Ai Ling and Ginnie slaying with their best traditional outfits at an event together.

Carrie Chung

“This unique appreciation message is dedicated to you both. We linked instantly from the day we became friends and I am so grateful to have experienced every tiny milestone with you two. It is a genuine blessing to have you two in my life. You two have always been by my side through thick and thin, and I appreciate how we always have each other’s backs, care for one other, and have our best interests at heart. Adulthood isn’t that bad when you have the companionship and support of your friends. People come and go in life, but I wish we stay together as we are till we die! I love you two! Happy International Friendship Day!”

$!Priya’s (in yellow) great sense of humour is what impressed Nisha during their first meeting.


“Dearest Bestie, I saw you for the first time in 2010 and had no idea you’d become so important to me. Thank you for putting up with my stupidity for the past 12 years. We will cherish all of the wonderful memories we have made. I love you for everything you are, everything you have been, and everything you will become. I Love you MACHI.”

$!Alwinah Mohd Amin (in pink) believed in friendship at first sight after meeting Sabrina (in red) in 2013.

Alwinah Mohd Amin

“Hello, bestie. I am thankful to be able to call you my best friend since 2013. God gave me a nice buddy like you. Thank you so much for always being by my side no matter what challenges life throws at us. I guarantee that I will be there whenever you require me. I pray to God that all good things come your way, that you have a lovely life, and that you have tolerance with me. I love you. Happy Friendship Day!”

$!Ariana Ng (in orange) considers herself lucky for having her friend Melina by her side.

Ariana Ng

“Melina, my dearest friend. Growing up and going through puberty is basically simply a rush of emotions, and I’m delighted, even grateful, to have gone through such a major time in life with you. Looking back, we were only classmates for a year out of the 11 years we’ve known each other. We weren’t even close at the time! We were also in several friendship groups during the majority of high school. It’s amusing and very astonishing, actually, how we never grew apart and instead became closer. So, thank you for staying with me through it all, my banana.”

$!Jeya and his friends sharing a fun moment during their graduation.


“We seven group buddies have shared wonderful experiences and the best times of our lives since the first year of university till today. My closest friends exemplify a wide range of human qualities. They have never let me down in my difficult times and have remained pillars of support to this day. I consider myself fortunate to have them in my life. We may be apart by distance, but our hearts will always be together. Love, Happy International Friendship Day!”

$!Kamarul Asyraf with his besties Nadzra, Natrah and Faris on one of their outings together.

Kamarul Asyraf

“True friendships form over time and must be put to the test repeatedly. People who are prepared to give their all without expecting anything in return are hard to come by. I appreciate you guys for always being there for me, no matter what. Happy International Friendship Day, my dear friends!”

$!Vanessa’s (in blue) thoughtful nature is a gift that Alvina Kang will always treasure.

Alvina Kang

“Take a look at us. We were simply kids when we met, not knowing what it was or where life would take us. Instead of counting numbers, let us enjoy our ages in the future: 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Cheers to many years of friendship, numerous squabbles, and getting the block together (IYKYK). To have a best buddy like you, I must have done something great in the past. Happy Friendship Day!”

$!Shalini (right) and Renugah (left) have spent most of their days fighting through the tears of laughter and rainstorms of tears.


“Hello there, my friend. Wait! You’re not just a friend; you’re a part of my family. You have been by my side through the worst and best times of my life, supporting me at my lowest and celebrating me at my highest. You understood what I was going through and never once judged me or stepped away, proving what true friends are intended for. I will always be glad for having you as my bestie. I will always appreciate our friendship, and never cease annoying you. My bestie, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!”

$!Being with her group of friends is all the therapy Tan Pei Fenn needs.

Tan Pei Fenn

“What is friendship? Who’s your BFF? I was confused when I was asked this seemingly easy question. I paused for a time, peering blankly at my coworkers. ‘BFF’ is defined as ‘friends that will never abandon you no matter who you are or what you do.’ I have a few groups of friends, but these are the ones I cherish the most. Happy Friendship day guys.”

$!Thasha (right) and Sheryl (left) are celebrating five years of friendship together this September.


“Dear bestie, thank you for being my constant source of energy on my life’s journey. We’ve had each other’s backs for years now and I wouldn’t have survived without you there. You know me better than I know myself. You know what I enjoy, what I dislike, and what I despise. You admire my passions and tolerate my faults. You’re there for me, always. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’re stronger than ever. My dearest, funniest, craziest, and most beautiful best friend in the world – I love you with all my heart and you mean the world to me. Cheers to more memories together. Forever be the yin to my yang.”