Here are some unique places to visit and explore in Rawang

RAWANG, a sleepy town in Malaysia’s Gombak District, was developed in the early nineteenth century. The are was originally a base for tin mining. However, Rawang is currently a popular town for both habitation and tourism. Rawang has several magnificent tourist attractions, most of which are yet unknown to most travellers.

However, it is believed that as time passes, travellers will find these hidden beauties, and Rawang will become one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations for both local and foreign visitors. Some of the interesting things to do and places to see in this secret location may amaze you. Continue reading if you intend to visit Rawang. We have compiled a list of some of the most interesting tourist sites in Rawang.

Rawang Bypass trail

The Rawang Bypass took 12 years to build and is known as Malaysia’s highest bridge, reaching around 60m above the ground. The vista is spectacular, especially during foggy daybreak. It takes approximately one hour to complete this fairly difficult trek. There is a viewpoint with arguably one the best views of the Rawang Bypass. It is known as ‘Bukit Matt’, and its elevation is only 200m. This location is also renowned for hiking and jogging. Always be careful of the weather conditions because you may need to trek through tunnels. It may be insanely dangerous if it rains, thus experienced hikers highly advise against it since it can get wet and slippery.


Templer Park

Templer Park, named after Sir Gerard Templer, the British High Commissioner who was influential in its development, is located just 20km north of the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Hundreds of picnickers flock to the area every weekend, drawn by the shaded and green environment. The chilly, clear water of the jungle streams is ideal for a refreshing swim. There are various forest routes to explore for the more adventurous visitors. This forest reserve also has facilities such as parking spaces, public bathrooms, stalls, picnic areas, and fishing sites. While Templer Park used to be the most popular picnic destination for Selangorians, the popularity of alternative locations has reduced the number of visitors here, but the park may still be packed, particularly on weekends, since it’s located is close to a major road.

$!Jing Loong Shan Wan Fo Shih. – YOUTUBE

Jing Loong Shan Wan Fo Shih Temple

Jing Loong Shan Wan Fo Shih, one of Rawang’s largest Buddhist religious centres, is built in the traditional Chinese style. The temple is claimed to mirror some of China’s most famous Buddhist temples. Jing Loong Shan Wan Fo Shih’s grand hall is surrounded by verdant landscapes and statues and houses huge statues. Buddhist devotees meet here on important occasions, such as Buddha’s birthday, or any other religious function to pray for the happiness and health of their family. Devotees can also enjoy the food served at the temple’s food hall. The temple also provides books and brochures in several languages.

$!Selangor Fruit Valley. – SELANGOR FRUIT VALLEY

Selangor Fruit Valley

Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation developed Selangor Fruit Valley. You can explore the enormous tropical fruit plantation to your heart’s content. SFV provides an enjoyable day out for the entire family, as well as an incredible exploration playground for young children. SFV is not only rich with various fruits, but it also has other attractions such as a small petting zoo, kayaking, a deer farm, a rabbit farm, traditional Selangor homes, and many more. Because this park is so large, tram trips are offered. You may park your car in a free regular parking area and take the tram to Centre Point and other destinations.

$!Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club. – TASIKPUTERIGOLF IG

Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club

The golf course, set among tranquil nature, appeals to pros, beginners, families, and weekend players alike. The club also serves delicious cuisine and beverages. Other amenities include a changing room, lodging, and a driving range. It is often regarded as Malaysia’s best public golf course.

$!Tasik Biru Seri Kundang. – YOUTUBE

Tasik Biru Seri Kundang

Tasik Biru Seri Kundang is a tourist lake in Rawang’s Kampung Melayu Sri Kundang, which is near Sungai Buloh. It began as an ex-mining lake during the British colonial period. Following independence, the lake was then developed into a tourist attraction. Tasik Biru was named after the lake’s blueish colour, which was created by its depth. There is also an island in the middle of the lake, making it unique among Selangor’s recreational areas. Tasik Biru is ideal for jet skiing, after paying a small fee for rental. On weekends, people come here with their families to enjoy a nice relaxing picnic, or for fishing, both activities which are free.

$!Gamuda Gardens. – GAMUDA BERHAD

Gamuda Gardens

Gamuda Gardens is an 810-acre township with an attractive lakefront retail village known as the Waterfront Village. For the convenience of Gamuda Gardens inhabitants, the retail village has a variety of food and beverage outlets, recreational and wellness features, retail brands, and numerous other facilities. The waterfalls and lakes in front of the structure inspired the name of the settlement. The ground level of the shop building features a large balcony from which visitors may enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding greenery, particularly the five cascading lakes and two waterfalls. The Gamuda Gardens Waterfront Village is a good area to spend some alone time. You may walk around the area or ride your bike along the lakeshore. Furthermore, the Central Park of Gamuda Gardens is an interesting place for wedding photography owing to the stunning waterfall and lake.