Nice to Meat You

Introducing the BB Meatbox to fulfill your home BBQ needs with deliciousness

16 Nov 2020 / 09:55 H.

Don’t let the extended CMCO thwart your plans to enjoy wholesome meals with your friends and family. Instead, why not enjoy some deliciously flavoured meats by ordering The BB MEATBox from Beard Brothers Meats and supporting a homegrown business at the same time.

Beard Brothers Meats is the online butchery and supply arm of Beard Brothers BBQ, a family-style barbecue restaurant located in Tropicana Avenue, which also claims to be the first in Malaysia to offer authentic Texas-style barbecue and halal deli meats.

The BB MEATBox contains more than 2.5kg of freshly prepared, readily marinated beef and chicken, in the form of minced meat, sausages, patties and strips all ready to cook at home. And if you don’t feel like doing all the work yourself, there is even some ready-to-cook smoked beef brisket in the box.

Nice to Meat You

BUZZ recently had the opportunity to try the MEATBox for ourselves, which was prepared and delivered on the same day. The box came with a heartwarming ‘thank you’ note, as well as a card stating the preparation time and the name of the person who prepared the meats (ours was expertly crafted by Danish), adding a personal touch to the whole experience.

Meats were vacuum-sealed separately, with contents and nutritional information clearly stated on the packaging. As the meats come pre-marinated, you can immediately throw them on the grill, fry them up in the pan or place them in the oven, without wasting any time prepping them yourself.

We decided to try the premium chicken sausages, which were perfectly marinated with just the right amount of flavour and spices. We ate them two ways: first sliced into small pieces and added to fried rice, and later on, served with an omelette and hash browns.

Another delight was the beguilingly-named beef smash burger patties. These are slider-sized, smaller and thicker than a standard burger patty. After pan-frying them in olive oil, we had them in between two slices of white bread with some mustard and ketchup, but they also proved to be perfect as a meat ‘dish’ of their own together with rice.

But our personal favourite was the smoked beef brisket. Perfect in every way, with tender meat that melted in our mouths, all it needed was some BBQ sauce and it was ready to go. However, the smoky flavours of the beef were so intense that we preferred to eat it in its natural state, gently seared in the pan of that it still retained its juiciness.

And it is no wonder that the brisket is the star of the show, as it is also the key reason why Beard Brothers BBQ came into being in the first place.

Meet the Pitmaster

Nice to Meat You

Beard Brothers BBQ was started by Nazri Jameson in 2013 with the aim of making good and Halal artisanal meat available to all Malaysians. In a recent interview with theSun, Nazri explained that it was his desire to re-create the perfect brisket here in Malaysia that inspired him to start the business.

“When you are obsessed about something, you dedicate a lot of yourself to it, always trying to improve it. In turn, you also want to share that passion with the people,” he said in the interview.

“For me, it’s about cooking this large piece of meat to a point where anyone who bites into it is absolutely happy. There is a science to it, and when you want to make it perfect, there is an art to it as well.”

His dedication ensured that the business grew beyond just preparing meats, and today – aside from the Beard Brothers Meats online store and delivery service – the brand encompasses the Beard Brothers’ kitchen, where they prepare their ingredients and sell meats, the Beard Brothers’ Deli which specialises in sandwiches made with the same passion, and the Umami Boru restaurant which caters to ramen fans. They also have their own range of beverages under Rizalar.

As Nazri stated in his interview: “None of the foods that we prepare here are easy to make. They all take time to prepare. But all that we serve is driven by our goal to serve the best, and we put a lot of thought into each item that we offer.”

The BB MEATBox is currently available online at a special price of RM99 (usual price RM120). For more, visit

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