There are plenty of local businesses that you can find on this popular social media platform

THE pandemic’s arrival in recent years has been crucial in shaping the culture of online shopping. During this time period, the majority of people begin to develop online businesses, and the trend of online shopping becomes extremely prevalent.

Due to the fact that the current generation’s lifestyle is entirely dependent on the internet, it is much easier to do things online. This means that any platform may be utilised for commerce, allowing you to purchase or sell nearly anything on the internet.

Therefore, social media platforms such as Instagram were highly effective as marketplaces. Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking sites among millennials.

Since its inception, Instagram has proven to be an effective marketing tool for businesses seeking to increase their exposure and engagement. Although Instagram offers advertising and sponsorship alternatives, businesses may build a worthy of attention without incurring any costs. Making it a business of all sizes can thrive.

In this week’s BUZZ issue of Sapot Lokal, we explored some of the local businesses on Instagram which you can support and draw inspiration from. Feel free to also support other local online businesses as well.

ZOTIC KL (Instagram: @zotic.kl)

$!Zotic KL aims to provide for all your streetwear needs.

Zotic KL was founded by a young student named Hakimi Hamdan, as a way to kill time. This local business has an extensive selection of local streetwear labels, with a focus on the most recent jersey trend. Based in the Sentul neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur, the name Zotic is primarily inspired by the word “exotic”.

“I launched Zotic KL in early July when I was still simply selling out my collection of local brands’ jerseys that needed to be cleared out and the response has been very positive,” Hakimi told theSun.

“People of all ages, but especially those teenage adults, who appreciate streetwear and hip-hop style fashion are the bulk of my intended audience,” he added.

Hakimi also stated that Zotic KL offers a consignment service in addition to selling. “As a consignment intermediary, I also help other people who sell their personal possessions by advertising them to my customers in my Instagram shop’s feeds and stories as well.”

Naa’s Fudgy Bakes (Instagram: @naasfudgybakes)

$!Naa’s Fudgy Bakes are made with premium ingredients and organic cane sugar.

Naa’s Fudgy Bakes was founded by Naviena, a full-time student trying to earn extra money by making and selling homemade brownies on the side. According to Naviena, it all began when she had a sudden craving for brownies and decided to bake some. Surprisingly, the recipe turns out to be great and thus, becomes her main factor to open up this small business.

“I was actually just craving brownies one day so I decided to bake them and the recipe turned out to be great. So my family sort of encouraged me to sell my brownies and pursue it as a part-time business,” Naviena said.

She then tested the waters by making a few sales on her personal Instagram account before deciding to launch a full-fledged business, and the results were promising.

“It’s been two years since I’ve had this business and I’m currently selling brownies and burnt cheesecakes but my best sellers are the Callebaut brownies with Nutella drizzle.”

Flower Sugar (Instagram: @flowersugarmy)

$!Blooms for every occasion from Flower Sugar.

Flower Sugar, is an online florist based in Petaling Jaya with a simple mission, to spread happiness through the delivery of attractive and affordable flowers. Founded by Evelyn, Flower Sugar started in late 2019, a couple of months before the pandemic MCO started.

“I was from Johor and moved to PJ after getting married in 2019 and started the business literally in my home kitchen, the places where I made the flower bouquets,” said Evelyn.

“We moved to a proper shop lot in 2021 and currently have six florists working including myself,” she added.

Flower Sugar primarily sells its products via its website,, and through its Instagram account, it provides a catalog of its beautifully-made flower bouquets.

EE&H (Instagram: @eeandh)

$!Established by a young girl from Perak, EE&H has been running for almost four years.

Are you looking for entirely handmade and handcrafted pearl accessories? EE&H takes care of everything. Everything that could be worn there, including necklaces, rings, and earrings, was ridiculously cute.

Owned by a girl named Ilanur, the business was doubted as EE&H which is merely a combination of her nickname and friends. Ilanur sells pearl accessories and claims everything is handmade upon order.

“I chose pearls as my niche because each individual pearl bead has its own shape (like our fingerprints) and is unique on its own. Hence, we can agree that pearl accessories never get old; you can put on a simple pearl necklace and you would be looking elegant and graceful,” said Ilanur.

Other than that, Ilanur also does mix and match pearl beads with other quirky and colourful beads in order for her customer to have a wide variety of options.

Kicksbyaqra (Instagram: @kicksbyaqra)

$!Local sneakerhead haven Kicksbyaqra.

If you’re a sneakerhead who enjoys shopping for sneakers, this local Instagram shop is a must-visit. Fresh-lit sneakers are almost everywhere on the feeds.

From top trendy Air Jordans to New Balance 550, this Instagram provides it all. Customers can choose COD or even delivery and postage. All the items there were authentic, legit and most importantly, it is trusted.