Simple yet perfect Christmas gifts

11 Dec 2020 / 14:56 H.

Don’t let the Christmas Grinch stop you. Here are some gifting ideas you can easily gather or order online to add cheer to the Christmas experience this year.

1. Woodwick scented candles

Nothing feels more Christmassy than to be gifted wood wick scented candles. When it’s lit, the soothing crackles of the burning wood wick sounds like the crackling hearth in a fireplace.

Delicious Christmas scents such as pine, gingerbread, cinnamon, cloves or oranges complete the cosy and festive experience at home.

2. Scented wax melts

Simple yet perfect Christmas gifts

An alternative to burning essential oils is to gift beautifully scented wax melts. Wax melts are essentially a candle without a wick. It can be melted using a wax warmer and the slow melting process gradually fills the room with an amazing aroma.

3. Festive bath bombs

By Tweak and Tinker
By Tweak and Tinker

It’s the time of the year where you can buy a festive-themed bath bomb gift set. These bath bombs can be encased in plastic baubles to double as Christmas tree ornaments too. Some of the amazing bath bombs in the market also come with a hidden gift inside. Imagine someone’s delight when they realize they got a gift within a gift!

4. Christmas chai

By Nowforager
By Nowforager

While we don’t get to experience the snow season, we’re in the middle of a rainy monsoon season. A warm cup of Christmas chai is a perfect companion on those rainy and cool days. It can be spiced up by gently heating the drink over the stove or adding peppercorns or ginger.

Healthwise, the anti-inflammatory goodness from drinking chai is an added bonus. Gift someone a box of chai so they can enjoy all the goodness of chai too.

5. Hot chocolate kit

Preparing a hot chocolate kit is one of the many gifts you can customize yourself. The hot chocolate kit can be easily prepared as a gift basket consisting of hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and some snacks such as biscuits.

Whether you wrap it up or tie it with a beautiful ribbon, hot chocolate lovers will love you for it.

6. Christmas cookies

Simple yet perfect Christmas gifts

Other than a hot chocolate kit, you can gift family and friends Christmas cookies in a jar too. Christmas cookies aren’t just gingerbread cookies. It can be chocolate chip cookies, butter cookies or jam tarts as long as it’s blinged up in a nice jar. For a festive final touch, wrap or tie a small ornament around the cap of the jar.

7. Festive soap bars

By Country Hill Cottage
By Country Hill Cottage

The creative designs of soap bars during this time of the year are irresistible. From cute snowmen to Santas, it’ll sure delight the ones receiving them and it makes a great gift for all ages. Whether it’s just one bar or a gift pack, you’ll be tempted to get one for yourself too.

8. Perfume palette

Simple yet perfect Christmas gifts

A perfume palette for both men and women is a fun gift. It’s a fun box with a variety of different perfume scents to try daily. The small sizes are also great for those who don’t spritz every day and convenient for travel. The perfume palette literally spells a whole year of fun experiments.

9. Fuzzy socks

Simple yet perfect Christmas gifts

No one wants to admit it but everyone loves fuzzy socks regardless of the warm weather. Fuzzy socks are comfy, soft and great to wear around at home. It can even double as a hand glove or Christmas stocking.

10. PlayStation 5

Simple yet perfect Christmas gifts

To be absolutely clear, we’re talking about getting them a PlayStation 5 for real and not just photo filter pranks. The sleek white design simply completes the gaming den setup. Not only that, the latest PS5 promises fast speeds and playing games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is seamlessly amazing.

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