Tips for an eco-friendly home

You can go green without breaking the bank

26 Mar 2021 / 14:34 H.

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It’s tempting to buy everything new when it comes to redecorating the home. However, we might be harming the environment more when we attempt to create a Pinterest-worthy home.

Fortunately, we can still achieve the dream home aesthetic while making sure it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Here are some tips and tricks to create an eco-friendly and beautiful home:

Decorate using indoor plants

Tips for an eco-friendly home

One of the easiest ways to go green with home décor is to have several indoor plants at home. Having beautiful indoor plants, whether big or small, help brighten the place and purify the air indoors.

Some plants such as ferns and palms can help increase oxygen levels at home too.

Use eco-friendly light bulbs

Tips for an eco-friendly home

Eco-friendly light bulbs are good for the environment because it uses less energy and lasts longer than ordinary bulbs. Some of the eco-friendly bulbs in the market are halogen incandescents, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

These energy-efficient bulbs not only lasts longer they can help you save money by cutting down on electricity consumption as well.

Install dimmer switches

Tips for an eco-friendly home

Another way to reduce your electricity bill is to have Energy Star certified dimmer switches installed. These dimmer switches can help reduce your energy output while controlling the ambience of the room.

Research have shown that dimming a single electric bulb can help you save up to 98 percent of your electrical energy leading to a huge cut down on your electricity bill. Dimmer switches are best placed in the living room, dining hall and even the bedroom.

Support local artists

When it comes to sourcing décor and furnishing for the home, it’s better to support our local artists and artisans in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Our local artists create unique pieces such as artwork or furniture made from ethically sourced wood that can’t be found elsewhere.

These local artworks will be a special addition to the home and it doesn’t harm the environment more. Check out theSundaily’s Instagram where we feature local artists and their works daily! You can find wooden furniture from local artisans such as Brutti & Besi, Adi and Aida and Persada Gallery.

Use eco-friendly paints and finishes

Tips for an eco-friendly home

Walls are the biggest surface areas in a home and painting the rooms with toxic paints can be dangerous. The safer option is to use paints and finishes which contain extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are partially responsible for the smell of new paint.

Low or zero VOC paints contain water which makes them less harmful than paints that contain petroleum-based solvents that emit harmful gasses.

Look for upcycled or reclaimed décor

Instead of buying completely new furniture and décor, look for upcycled or reclaimed finds. Using upcycled or reclaimed materials as part of the home décor help to reduce wastage and pollution.

Reclaimed wood can be used to beautifully restore cabinet doors, flooring or carved into another décor piece. Glass bottles can be upcycled as pots for indoor plants or kitchen utensil organizers.

Seek vintage or preloved finds

Shopping in thrift stores and flea markets help to ‘rescue’ old but good finds for your home and reduce your carbon footprint. Some vintage or preloved finds already have the beautiful natural distressed look and aesthetic that many try to reproduce in new décor items.

Most importantly, you save a lot of money.


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