Malaysians must be ready to accept new normal: Sultan Nazrin

12 May 2020 / 13:25 H.

IPOH: The Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah today said the people must be mentally ready to accommodate changes and make the necessary adjustments to accept a new work and social culture, and ultimately, a new way of life following the Covid-19 pandemic.

His Highness said, moving forward, the people would have to adapt to the new normal such as the social-distancing and work culture of the new normal, which they have been forced to abide by in efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

“Everything will have to change – the way we work, the way we do business, the way we manage our finances, the way we worship, the way we entertain, the way we spend our recreational time and the way we live,“ Sultan Nazrin said in his address when opening the first meeting of the third session of the 14th Perak Legislative Assembly at Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan here.

The Sultan also said that the people’s sacrifices in adhering to the Movement Control Order (MCO) was crucial to ensure that the nation is able to defeat the Covid-19 threat which has adversely affected people’s lives, impeded children’s education and disrupted jobs.

“Insya Allah (God willing), we will be able to overcome this threat effectively to enable us to build a better future,” he said.

During his speech, Sultan Nazrin also invited all the assemblymen and those present in the hall to stand up and give a round of applause as a sign of appreciation to the frontliners involved in combating Covid-19.

“I would also like to record my appreciation to all those involved in fighting this battle against Covid-19. The police, the Armed Forces, the Fire and Rescue Department, Civil Defence, Rela, the Welfare Department as well as various media agencies.

“Each and every one of them has shown the highest level of patriotism in helping to protect the citizens of our country,” he added.

Sultan Nazrin also expressed his appreciation to all the state executive councillors who represented Pakatan Harapan for endeavouring to give their best of service to the rakyat (people) and honour the trust he had placed in them during their 22 months in office.

To the new administration, Sultan Nazrin said: “The trust I have bestowed on you to form an administration that is trustworthy and of high integrity should be honored, and it is imperative that you fulfill the wishes of the rakyat by ensuring not only that the administration is clean, but also that it does not abuse its powers.

“There has to be moderation and a limit to politicking. The rakyat’s well-being cannot be sacrificed, nor the state’s future destroyed for personal interests, whether due to overpoliticking, or in pursuit of sheer personal greed and desire to accumulate untold riches.” - Bernama

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