Wearing face masks in public helps control Covid-19 infection: MTS

KUALA LUMPUR: Wearing facemasks in public is key in helping control Covid-19 infection, said the Malaysian Thoracic Society (MTS).

Therefore the society in a statement today said it was imperative that any advice given by the government to all Malaysians including on the use of face mask should be guided by the best scientific evidence, thus preventing a surge of Covid-19 infection whilst instilling confidence among the general public.

“Scientific evidence points to the use of face masks in primarily helping to control the source of infection. This is a key public health initiative as a sizeable number of Covid -19 infections occur in the asymptomatic phase. It has also been shown to be as equally beneficial as the practice of frequent handwashing as a mitigation strategy,“ the statement said.

The statement added, evidence from other countries that had implemented the face mask wearing strategy as part of their comprehensive easing approach should appease all Malaysians that it was the right way forward.

“The Malaysian Thoracic Society therefore wishes to emphasise to policy-makers and the public alike that wearing face masks in public is key in helping control Covid-19 infection.

“The general public should use any mask either self-made or purchased from shops and pharmacies, as they are adequate for the purpose of source control as long as they are properly used,“ said the statement.