(Video) Motorcyclist crushed to death by timber from overturned trailer

07 Jan 2019 / 11:44 H.

A MOTORCYCLIST was crushed to death and his pillion rider was serious injured when timber from an overturned trailer crushed them in a horrific accident.

The Thursday morning accident in the Jiangxi city of Wuxi was captured on surveillance camera.

The video showed the trailer swerving to avoid a scooter that had just changed lanes before the crossroads.

The sharp turn caused the trailer truck to topple, spilling the timber onto those waiting in the opposite turning lane.

At the point of impact in that lane were two people on a scooter and another in car. The scooter rider was killed on the spot while the other two were injured and rushed to the hospital.

Police had taken the driver of the trailer into custody and are investigating the accident.