(Video) Taiwan’s hottest fishmonger goes viral

09 Dec 2018 / 14:44 H.

FIRST there was the “Bean Curd Hunk”, and then the “McDonald’s Goddess” ... now Taiwan is going gaga over the latest in a viral series of attractive people doing mundane jobs.

Meet its “Most Beautiful Fishmonger”. A Facebook user posted an image of 26-year-old Liu Pengpeng selling fish at a market in the city of Changhua with the caption “Ma, in the future, I will always help you buy fish”.

Liu, who has modelled in several events in Taiwan, was only helping her mother to run the fish stall. She responded positively to the post last Wednesday.

A crowd made a beeline to her stall the next day. Some wanted to buy fish while some turned up to take photos of her. Even the local news turned up and a video of her at the stall went viral.

Watch the video here: