38 Volvo Trucks delivered to logistics company

05 Dec 2019 / 19:57 H.

VOLVO Trucks recently delivered 38 units of the Volvo FM370 4x2T RAS prime mover to Lee Ting San Group of Companies (LTS Group), one of the largest logistics companies that provides transportation, container haulage, warehousing and maintenance services around Penang, Northern Malaysia, KLIA and Johor.

A ceremony to mark the handover of the new lorries was held at Volvo Trucks’ dealership in Prai, Penang.

So far, 20 units have been delivered and the remaining 18 units are slated for delivery in two months’ time in January next year.

Once all the lorries are delivered, LTS Group would own a total of 80 Volvo Trucks in its current fleet of 280 prime movers.

The purchase of the new Volvo FM prime movers has enabled LTS Group to begin performing its fleet replacement exercise to achieve more efficiency and to lower operating costs.

The new lorries will be used for container haulage business for LTS Logistics (PG) Sdn Bhd, for both long and short haul deliveries of cargo.

Volvo Malaysia managing director Mitch Peden said: “The delivery of the trucks fulfills Volvo’s commitment in helping LTS Group to achieve more productivity, competence and safety, as the Volvo FM offers the highest level of flexibility and transport efficiency. All these are crucial for boosting profitability and business growth for our customers.”

All the new Volvo FM lorries purchased by LTS Group are fitted with Volvo’s proprietary telematics system called “Dynafleet” and are covered under Volvo Gold Service Agreement which inludes the benefits of Volvo Uptime Promise.

Presentation of Volvo FM scale model to mark the handover ceremony. Second and third from left LTS group CEO Lee Kah Chye and Volvo Malaysia managing director Mitch Peden.
Presentation of Volvo FM scale model to mark the handover ceremony. Second and third from left LTS group CEO Lee Kah Chye and Volvo Malaysia managing director Mitch Peden.

Dynafleet helps customers achieve greater profitability and efficiency through three key service areas which are fuel and environment, positioning and messaging.

The on-board Driver Coaching function provides essential fuel saving tips to the driver.

Meanwhile, Volvo Uptime Promise is the only feature in the industry in Malaysia that compensates customers monetarily for certain duration of downtime.

LTS Group CEO Lee Kah Chye said: “As a logistics company which started 45 years ago and since then has been serving the needs of hundreds of clients throughout Malaysia, we have definitely gone through many market changes and seen new developments in the industry.

“We understand that the industry needs to evolve for businesses like ours to grow. That is why our approach now is to be a forward-thinking transportation company that is willing to invest into technology and innovation, in terms of integrated logistics system, warehouse management system, telematics, and RFID tracking system for our goods.

“This is the reason for our purchase and we look forward to putting to good use Volvo’s Dynafleet to help us increase our effectiveness.”

Lee also added that his company’s satisfaction with Volvo Trucks’ aftermarket support has prompted them to take up the Volvo Gold Service Agreement with Uptime Promise for all the new lorries.

Volvo Trucks’ Uptime Promise is a unique feature which provides monetary compensation to customers who have a lorry on a breakdown time that exceeds Volvo Trucks’ committed time to put the lorry back on the road.

Group photo of staff from Volvo Trucks Prai dealership and LTS Group.
Group photo of staff from Volvo Trucks Prai dealership and LTS Group.

More than financial compensation for lorry downtime, Uptime Promise also offers benefits including safe and dependable repairs carried out by highly skilled Volvo technicians, minimum loss of time and income, and maximum lorry uptime.

Peden commented: “Volvo Uptime Promise is designed to give customers extra protection against unplanned standstills and is offered as part of our continuous customer satisfaction enhancement effort.

“We would like to thank LTS Group for their loyalty, trust and support to Volvo Trucks. We believe this truly highlights our valued relationship with our customers and we will support them whenever and wherever it is needed.”

Among the Volvo FM’s cabin features include a spacious and ergonomically designed cabin, a clearly laid out dashboard with all the buttons, controls and functions within convenient reach, and adjustable seat for improved driving position and lumbar support.

“While the Volvo FM is productive and economical for the customer, it also offers the driver a comfortable new working environment and enhanced safety,” said Peden.

The Volvo FM also features the ground-breaking Volvo Dynamic Steering system that boosts the lorry’s first-class driving properties.

38 Volvo Trucks delivered to logistics company

Set up in 1974, the business of LTS Group first started with only one lorry driven by the founder himself.

As business grew over the years, the company started purchasing heavy-duty lorries, which led it to become a Volvo Trucks’ customer 18 years ago by owning the Volvo FM10 model.

Today, the company employs more than 500 staff and has a huge fleet size of lorries including rigid lorries and trailers.

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