Blaze-ing road trip with TriAction Advantage

06 Dec 2018 / 19:30 H.

THE local motoring media, Gear Up! included, went on yet another one of Petron’s eagerly-awaited road trip last week, this time to Gambang in Kuantan.

The “Petron TriAction Advantage Performance Run Media Road Trip” was to demonstrate Petron’s advanced additive formulation performance, the TriAction Advantage, in its best-selling and popular “everyday fuel”, the Petron Blaze 95 petrol.

With some 20 other journalists and bloggers, we travelled 300 kilometre on a seven-hour journey starting from Petron MRR2 Selayang service station in Kuala Lumpur, with stopovers in Kuala Gandah and Temerloh, before concluding the trip at Gambang.

Throughout the drive, we experienced the Petron Blaze 95 fuel as we drove along the East Coast Expressway and rural roads in Pahang.

Petron Malaysia’s head of retail business Choong Kum Choy said the drive was the company’s fifth consecutive road trip with the media as part of its ‘Fuel Happy’ promotion of Petron’s fuels and its “the first-rate customer service” at its stations.

The two-day road trip was powered by Petron Blaze 95 while our rides – Perodua Myvi, Honda CR-V and Audi A6 and Q3 – were furnished exclusively by Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd, Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Euromobil Sdn Bhd, respectively.

Driving through the “backbone” of the central peninsula, escorted by two 1,200cc and 1,300cc motorcycles plus a few other support vehicles, our convoy cruised at a leisurely pace, changing from two-way to single-lane roads and manoeuvring between winding mountainside roads, with every kilometre efficiently, powered by Petron Blaze 95 with TriAction Advantage, of course.

After stopping at the National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah for a quick break and also to make friends with the elephants there, we continued our journey until Temerloh for lunch, where the main dish was the renowned traditional patin tempoyak (freshwater silver catfish in fermented durian paste gravy), eaten together with steaming-hot white rice, salad and the all-conquering sambal belacan on the side. Oh yeahhh...

A few hundred burps and bad jokes later, we continued our journey until Petron Mile 3.5 in Jalan Gambang, for a fuel top-up.

Immediately after that was our destination a short distance away, the luxurious Mangala Resort & Spa in Gambang, for a night’s stay.

“The media road trip highlights Petron’s superior Blaze 95 RON fuel which is powered with our advanced additive technology, TriAction Advantage that gives better engine protection, better mileage and better power,” said Choong.

To highlight the efficiency of Blaze 95, Petron collaborated with the Automotive Development Centre from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Engineering Faculty to measure and validate the fuel performance and consumption of each participating car at the Jalan Gambang Petron outlet.

During dinner at the resort, we were introduced to the Petron Technical Service team, which shared product information of Petron products, namely Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4M, Petron 97 Euro 4M, Petron Blaze 95 and the TriAction Advantage formulation.

“The TriAction Advantage formulation provides better power, better mileage and better engine protection as it comes from the combined action of the detergent, friction modifier and organic combustion enhancer additives in the fuel,” said Petron senior technical service advisor Chew Choy.

“The detergent in TriAction Advantage helps clean up and keep the engine inlet system clean, enabling the engine to operate at maximum efficiency.

“Vehicles can experience better power and fuel consumption with TriAction Advantage’s friction modifier which helps reduce friction between the piston and cylinder wall.

“TriAction Advantage also contains an organic combustion enhancer, a metal-free and ashless organic compound to improve the combustion of gasoline fuel. It creates a catalytic reaction, breaking down long molecular chains, enabling more oxygen to combine with the carbon molecules, thus resulting in the fuel to burn completely, giving better mileage and less harmful emissions.”

Choong added: “Petron’s Blaze 95 reaffirms our goal to provide innovative products to enhance our customers’ driving experience. Our fuels provide better protection, better economy and reduced harmful emissions to the environment.”

The annual Petron Road Trip event is a fun and enjoyable long-distance journey for exclusive press members to experience the world-class products and personalised services offered only at Petron service stations.

While testing the performance of the fuel, guests will be taken on exhilarating highway and cross-country drives with stopovers at some of the country’s best places to visit.

The first Petron Road Trip was in 2015 held in line with the introduction of the Petron Blaze 97 Euro-4M petrol nationwide.

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