Geneva Motor Show: VW shows off two new e-scooters

10 Mar 2019 / 17:57 H.

IN an attempt to become the "electric mobility provider with the highest volume of products worldwide", Volkswagen is tapping into the urban micro-mobility trend, announcing two funky new electric scooter concepts: the Streetmate and the Cityskater.

The Cityskater has three wheels and is somewhere between a skateboard and a scooter, except that there are separate footboards for each leg.

Instead of the bar with handles being at the front of the vehicle, it's attached to the back, and angles upward between the rider's legs until the control rod is within arm's reach.

Through this component, a rider can start, accelerate up to 20km/h, and brake the "double-board."

The Cityskater's range is estimated to be about 15 kilometers.

The Streetmate, on the other hand, is a hybrid between a motorcycle and scooter, though VW officially categorises it as an e-scooter.

The front half resembles a bicycle, thanks to the styling of the handlebars and the large tyre, while the second half features a platform that riders stand on, like that of a traditional scooter.

The motor located in the rear wheel hub has a 2.7hp capacity capable of driving up to 45km/h with a 35km range.

While the former is foldable and can be easily carried or stored when not in use, the Streetmate has the potential to work alongside shared micro-mobility vehicles from companies like Lime or Bird (not in Malaysia, yet!) though VW hasn't yet announced any intention to do so.

Because of its speed, the Streetmate would require riders to have documents like a license and insurance to operate.

The 89th Geneva Motor Show runs March 7 to 17 in Geneva, Switzerland. – AFP Relaxnews

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