Hyundai concept truck in production in 2020

06 Dec 2018 / 21:34 H.

WITH the production model design of Hyundai’s Santa Cruz pickup finalised -- as confirmed by VP of design Luc Donckerwolke -- the truck is expected to launch, “as soon as possible,“ according to AutoCar.

The compact crossover truck concept that Hyundai revealed at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show, the Santa Cruz pickup, is no longer just a concept. As noted in an AutoCar report, the production design of the model is done, and according to Donckerwolke, “the process to put it into production is now underway.”

With this timeline, the launch is likely to take place in 2020 with a Kia iteration following not long after -- the development is already in progress. Both models are expected to be compact trucks rather than full-size, giving them a potentially more international market.

The original concept was designed to meet the “unspoken needs of a growing Millennial lifestyle,“ the type of people Hyundai referred to as “Urban Adventurers.”

Young people who live in urban areas simply don’t have the space available to store a full-sized truck, nor do they typically have a need for a vehicle with extremely high levels of utility.

Because this generation is the second-largest generation of car buyers and makes up only 7% of all pickup sales, Hyundai is redesigning a truck to more effectively fit the typical Millennial “morphing lifestyle,“ a lifestyle composed of a wide range of different activities.

The city-friendly design is “purposely compact,“ but still hosts seating for five to support a professional life, social interests, and a huge range of outdoor pursuits while still being able to fit into the congested parking lots of cities.

Expect this Santa Cruz pickup to hit the streets in 2020 with a Kia version trailing not far behind. -- AFP Relaxnews

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