Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Blue Power launched – Malaysia’s first EEV pick-up truck

18 Sep 2019 / 21:20 H.

ISUZU Malaysia today launched the D-Max pickup truck with Isuzu’s latest and revolutionary 1.9-litre “Blue Power” turbodiesel engine.

The powerplant is Isuzu’s “leap into the future”, as it is one of the most compact, efficient and robust diesel engines for pick-up trucks today.

Designed to meet future requirements for reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions, the new 1,898cc engine has surpassed all its design parameters despite its small displacement, by increasing engine performance, durability and better economy, lower noise, vibration and harshness (NVH); lower friction and operating cost.

The resulting breakthroughs, particularly in its low fuel consumption and CO2, led to the 1.9-litre Isuzu D-Max being the very first pick-up truck in the country to be certified based on UN Regulations 101 with the Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) status by the Road Transport Department of Malaysia.

Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Blue Power launched – Malaysia’s first EEV pick-up truck

Isuzu Malaysia CEO Koji Nakamura said the new 1.9-litre-engined D-Max combined cutting-edge technology and Isuzu know-how to provide users with the ideal combination of durability, performance and economy.

“Pick-up truck users place a high demand on their vehicles to help them get the job done. They require trucks that are intrinsically capable, operating with minimum fuss or cost,” he said.

“In this respect, the new Isuzu D-Max offers excellent value from its enhanced performance, lower fuel consumption, lower operating costs and with the road tax structure in many parts of Malaysia, lower road tax too.”

3.0-litre model, 11 variants

Isuzu Malaysia also launched the facelifted 3.0-litre D-Max yesterday, alonside the star of the show, the 1.9-litre-powered D-Max.

To extend the benefits of the new pick-up truck to a wider audience, the company has focused part of its range of 11 variants towards the business segment starting with the new entry, the 1.9-litre low ride 4x2 manual that is directly aimed at serving the business community.

This is followed by the single cab models that come with 1.9-litre and 3.0-litre engines, both with 4x4 drivetrain.

Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Blue Power launched – Malaysia’s first EEV pick-up truck

Then come the double cab versions available in manual or auto in basic (Type B) and premium trim.

Joining this line-up is the new 4x2 auto version aimed at the urban user who does not require the 4x4 function.

Top-of-the-line are the 4x4 Auto Premium variants both with the 1.9-litre and 3.0-litre engines.

Looking, feeling better

The company said that the new D-Max not only offers impressive new driving dynamics from its Blue Power 1.9-litre engine, its outlook has also been enhanced to convey these properties, with distinctive new exterior paint colours available in the line-up including Sapphire Blue, Red Spinel, Stallion Black, Titan Silver, Silky White Pearl and Magnum White.

Up front, the design of its distinctive grille with its blend of black and chrome, flows seamlessly into the new headlight cluster that features bi-LED projector headlamps and LED daytime running lights.

The headlamp throw can be manually adjusted by the driver according to the vehicle load to avoid glare to on-coming road users.

The bumper completes the bold new front end with the redesigned inset fog lamp garnish.

Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Blue Power launched – Malaysia’s first EEV pick-up truck

Apart from the new body decal design, the new D-Max distinctively carries a new 18-inch alloy rim design that not only provides the vehicle with a sportier look, but also provides sharper handling to the truck that already benefits from a 56kg reduction in weight of the new engine.

Automatically-folding door mirrors add to the convenience when parking in tight spots.

To aid loading, Isuzu have also developed a soft-touch tailgate that is available as an option.

The mechanism uses a novel strut to control the opening speed of the tailgate while a torsion bar makes lifting possible using just one finger.

To fully appreciate the 6% reduction in engine noise of the new 1.9-litre engine over the current 2.5-litre version, Isuzu has made the new D-Max interior more plush by adding soft-feel material on major panels.

Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Blue Power launched – Malaysia’s first EEV pick-up truck

Not only do these help absorb sound to make the interior quieter, when matched to the dark interior trim and the new-design leather-fabric combination seats, the new D-Max’s interior takes on a more inviting and comfortable outlook.

A high-speed USB charging port sits ahead of the gear selector and the new D-Max now comes with a secondary port situated behind the centre compartment for rear passengers allowing gadgets or mobile devices to remain well charged on any journey.

Amazing that it’s just 1.9-litre

The gem in the new D-Max is definitely the 1,898cc RZ4E-TC engine.

Developed internally over four years by Isuzu Motors in Japan, the engine boasts technical breakthroughs that have resulted in a higher engine output of 148hp (at 3,600rpm – up by 10%) and 350Nm of torque (up by 9%) between 1,800 and 2,600rpm over the existing 2.5-litre 4JK1-TCX.

While engine output has increased, there has been no sacrifice to Isuzu’s legendary fuel economy or dependability.

Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Blue Power launched – Malaysia’s first EEV pick-up truck

Tests conducted in Thailand even show a 19% improvement in fuel economy while a reduction in internal friction by 37% suggests that there will be less wear on engine components as well, thereby increasing the life expectancy of the engine.

Coupled to a new transmission system, the RZ4E offers a performance level that is superior to the 2.5-litre from the get-go.

With six forward cogs for both the manual and automatic gearboxes, the new D-Max makes the most use of the new engine characteristic to provide improved acceleration and overtaking while offering relaxed cruising from its two overdrive top gears.

The new D-Max also features the inclusion of Hill Descent Control (HDC) making descending steep or slippery slopes a less tricky task.

New too is the Vehicle Launch Assist Control that increases initial torque on gradients of 25% or more.

Through this feature, the vehicle is quicker off the mark without suffering the effects of turbo lag when accelerating from idle.

Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Blue Power launched – Malaysia’s first EEV pick-up truck

As an introductory campaign, Isuzu Malaysia is conducting a nationwide test drive campaign at all its dealerships where a mystery gift awaits all who test drive the new pick-up truck between Sept 21 and Oct 31.

Prospects will also receive a ticket that entitles them to be in the running for a “Blue Fever” lucky draw at the end of the promotional period.

Those who purchase the new D-Max during the promotional period from today till Oct 31 will enjoy a special five-year unlimited mileage warranty and a free maintenance package to be enjoyed over the next eight years, terms and conditions apply.

Variants, prices*

- 1.9L 4x4 AT Type B double cabin:
RM104,599.20 (individual private registration), RM104,799.20 (company private registration), RM104,702 (company commercial registration).

- 1.9L 4x2 AT Hi-Ride double cabin: RM100,049.20 (individual private registration), RM100,249.20 (company private registration), RM100,104 (company commercial registration).

- 1.9 4x4 AT-P double cabin: RM115,799.20 (individual private registration), RM115,999.20 (company private registration), RM115,875 (company commercial registration).

- 3.0L 4x4 AT-P double cabin: RM120,838.40 (individual private registration), RM121,038.40 (company private registration), RM119,684 (company commercial registration).

- 1.9L 4x2 MT Low-Ride double cabin: RM80,149.20 (individual private registration), RM80,349.20 (company private registration), RM80,243 (company commercial registration).

- 1.9L 4x2 MT Hi-Ride double cabin: RM86,699.20 (individual private registration), RM86,899.20 (company private registration), RM86,793 (company commercial registration).

- 1.9L 4x4 MT Type B double cabin: RM96,699.20 (individual private registration), RM96,899.20 (company private registration), RM96,802 (company commercial registration).

- 1.9L 4x4 MT-P double cabin: RM105,999.20 (individual private registration), RM106,199.20 (company private registration), RM106,075 (company commercial registration).

- 3.0L 4x4 MT Type B double cabin: RM106,738.40 (individual private registration), RM106,939.40 (company private registration), RM105,584 (company commercial registration).

- 1.9L 4x4 6-speed MT single cabin: RM85,799.20 (individual private registration), RM85,999.20 (company private registration), RM85,902 (company commercial registration). Only available in Magnum White.

- 3.0L 4x4 5-speed MT single cabin: RM92,838.40 (individual private registration), RM93,038.40 (company private registration), RM91,702 (company commercial registration). Only available in Magnum White.

*Recommended on-the-road prices without insurance.

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