‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ vehicles to go under the hammer

AUCTIONEER Lloyds is offering an exceptional sale featuring 13 extravagant vehicles straight out of the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

The lot, which cannot be split, is on sale until Sept 26. Potential buyers can bid online and even pay in cryptocurrency.

Released in 2015, “Mad Max: Fury Road” features a multitude of vehicles, each crazier than the next, made from old Buick, Cadillac and Ford models that have been modified, reinforced and often armed.

Stored today in a garage in Australia, the likes of the Interceptor and the Gigahorse are now looking for a new owner.

The auction includes emblematic vehicles (the Interceptor and the Gigahorse [pix], as well as the War Rig, the Razor Cola, the Nux Car and more), as well as convoy vehicles and buggies.

The machines come as a single lot, which means that it is not possible to acquire just one of the vehicles.

The auction will end Sunday, Sept 26. “Payment can be accepted in any currency, including cryptocurrencies as we outrun the end of civilisation,“ Lloyds states mischievously, in reference to the movie’s apocalyptic atmosphere.

See (and bid in) the Lloyds Mad Max auction: lloydsonline.com.au . – ETX Studio