Mitsubishi teases athletic and futuristic SUV concept before Geneva show

04 Feb 2019 / 13:14 H.

LAST Tuesday, Mitsubishi published the first obscure teaser image of the Engelberg Tourer, the company's latest EV concept designed to bring "more SUV capability, EV efficiency, technology and style to the lineup".

While we'll have to wait for Mitsubishi to turn on the lights to decide whether the lattermost objective was satisfied or not, it's clear from the image that the company is trying out some new ideas in terms of exterior lighting.

Mounted on the rooftop is a pair of rugged-looking LED lights while up in front, there are two slim blue LED lights that start beneath the headlights, snake around the left and right sides of the apparently huge grille, and continue down to the bumper.

Apart from these futuristic but recreational lighting additions, the rest of the Engelberg Tourer is too shadowed to conclude much else about the design.

In any case, the real deal will be unveiled on March 5 during the press days of the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. – AFP Relaxnews

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