Modenas Pulsar now with ABS

26 Dec 2019 / 17:22 H.

NATIONAL motorcycle company Modenas has introduced a new variant of its best-selling Pulsar model, the NS200 ABS.

The Malaysian market welcomed the first ever Modenas Pulsar NS200 back in 2017 and since then, more than 6,000 units have been sold.

The company says the NS200 ABS is the most affordable naked street-bike in the Pulsar lineup to be equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

As its name suggests, the ABS prevents the brakes from locking and skidding when a rider applies the brake suddenly in an emergency situation. This ensures the rider has control of the machine, maintaining stability apart from reducing its stopping distance.

The system also regulates the machine’s braking pressure, ensuring riding stability and manoeuvrability of the motorcycle, even where there are adverse driving conditions such as sand, loose chippings or water.

“Coupled with the Pulsar 200cc DTS-i engine that produces a maximum power of 24hp and a maximum torque of 18.6Nm, the NS200 ABS offers a smoother ride with uncompromised fuel efficiency,” said Modenas.

“With various safety and convenient features, the NS200 ABS aims to give customers one of the best value for money propositions in its segment.”

The Pulsar NS200 ABS variant is now available at all Modenas dealerships across Malaysia with a recommended retail price of RM9,655 and is available in four colours – Graphite Black, Mirage White, Wild Red and Yellow.

$!Modenas Pulsar now with ABS

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