Volvo Trucks deliver five lorries for transportation of hazardous cargo

15 Jul 2020 / 19:58 H.

VOLVO Trucks announced yesterday that one of its customers, Johor-based transportation company Chemtrax Sdn Bhd (Chemtrax), has recently taken delivery of five units of Volvo lorries.

The five comprised four units of FM370 4x2 and one unit of FM440 6x2 models, to support the company’s expansion and also for replacing several old lorries in its fleet.

The new lorries will be utilised for transporting caustic soda chemical compounds and butadiene gas.

A vehicle handover ceremony attended by the management teams of both companies was held recently at Chemtrax’s depot in Pasir Gudang to mark the official delivery of the new Volvo lorries.

With these new additions, Chemtrax now owns 55 units of Volvo lorries, which makes up about 90% of the company’s total fleet of lorries.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia managing director Mitch Peden said: “We are very pleased to be able to continuously provide the support our customer, Chemtrax, requires from us with the delivery of the new trucks despite the current challenging market situation.

“The Volvo FM series is the ideal and flexible vehicle for long and short haul distribution, and is adaptable to suit almost any transport assignment. We are confident that this truck’s first-class driving features will provide Chemtrax with great transport efficiency, reliability and safety for the sustainability of its business.”

Volvo Trucks deliver five lorries for transportation of hazardous cargo

Established in 1998, Chemtrax is one of the leading transportation companies in Malaysia that specialises in the moving of hazardous chemical and gas products such as acids, alkalis, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), water-based chemicals and other flammable and toxic gases.

The company transports these products within Malaysia and Singapore using various types of road tankers such as stainless-steel tanker, special-lined tanker and high-pressured gas tanker to meet the diverse and strict requirements for each hazardous material it transports.

The company’s transport routes consist of both long and short-haul deliveries within all over Peninsula Malaysia, as well as to Singapore with around 15 trips daily into the island.

Peden said: “Volvo Trucks is extremely proud of our working relationship with Chemtrax who is also committed to safety, sustainability and efficiency.

“With the increasing need for transportation services to move goods for societies and industries, this also means that transport has to become even more sustainable, more reliable and safer.

“We are grateful that Chemtrax has entrusted Volvo Trucks with the tasks of transporting hazardous materials and we are committed to making sure our trucks deliver on our brand promise.”

$!Volvo Trucks deliver five lorries for transportation of hazardous cargo

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