KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s efficiency in handling the Covid-19 pandemic and having a proper quarantine management system for Malaysians from abroad have touched many hearts.

For Jagath Guru, 51, a Malaysian working in Myanmar, it was a truly humbling experience to witness the efforts put in by our frontliners in assisting those returning from abroad.

“Firstly, though everyone is being concerned about Covid-19 and everyone is trying their best to prevent from getting infected, the relevant personnel still came out brave not only to support us but in ensuring that we are well-taken care and ensure we all come out clean during the quarantine period.

“On the third day of the quarantine, the Health Ministry (officials) had taken a swab sample from our throats and was informed that the result would be made known in the next six to seven days. Apart from daily temperature checks, on the second day the doctors called via the hotel phone, to check if we do experience any symptoms of Covid-19,” he wrote on Facebook on April 11.

He flew from Yangon on April 9, on a Myanmar Airways International 8M5001 relief flight, and today marked his fifth-day of quarantine at Impiana Hotel KLCC.

He expressed his gratitude to the government for bearing the cost of accommodation and food during the quarantine period.

“I guess I have to give the due credit and recognition to the Malaysian government as they deserve it, collaborating effectively with all respective government agencies, in an effort in overcoming this pandemic.

“Nevertheless, the stay here may not be a too bad idea after all, as mother earth is recuperating, perhaps it is also allowing us to ponder and reflect on our goal and purpose on this earth,” he added.

Jagath also showed his appreciation to the Malaysian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar for their assistance in securing the relief flight, besides appreciating our entire authorities involved regardless of their race and gender.

He said he was sad for not being able to celebrate the Tamil New Year with family members tomorrow but personally, he felt going home Covid-19 free would provide him more relief.

“Staying here is not too bad as even if you go home, you would still be trapped in the house. Only thing is that ( I am) not able to join the family for the Tamil New Year celebration,” he said when contacted. -Bernama