BUENOS AIRES: An Argentinian court charged a man and a woman with complicity in the attempted assassination of Vice-President Cristina Kirchner (pix) last month, according to court documents cited by local media on Saturday.

Kirchner, 69, survived an assassination attempt on September 1 as she mingled with supporters outside her home, when a gun brandished by a man in the crowd failed to fire.

Local media said judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti had charged Gabriel Carrizo, 27, leader of the gang known as “copitos” (cotton candy), and Agustina Diaz, 21, and sentenced them to pay 100 million pesos.

The alleged assailant, Fernando Sabag Montiel, 35, and his partner Brenda Uliarte, 23, were charged a fortnight ago with “attempted aggravated homicide”.

All four people were in police custody.

“It was shown that the defendants Sabag Montiel, Uliarte, Carrizo and Diaz had a common plan to kill the vice-president of the nation,“ said the judge in a document published Saturday by the Argentine press.

Capuchetti said the accused had begun their plot on April 22, the day Uliarte “would have acquired the semi-automatic pistol” used in the attack.-AFP