GEORGE TOWN: Penang collected revenue amounted to RM574.56 million as at Oct 31 this year, exceeding its target of RM506.02 million for the full-year 2021, after achieving revenue collection of RM467.28 million in 2020.

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said the state government estimated the 2020 revenue to be at RM519.16 million but the target was not achieved due to Covid-19, while the 2020 expenditure estimate was RM792.66 million and actual expenditure RM734.06 million.

“The estimated operating budget for 2021 is RM909.82 million, including subscriptions to Kumpulan Wang Pembangunan Negeri amounted to RM200 million. The operating expenditure until Oct 31 this year was RM593.02 million compared to the estimate,” he said.

Chow was answering a written question from Goh Choon Aik (PKR-Bukit Tambun) on the performance of the state government’s revenue at the Penang State Legislative Assembly here today.

The Chief Minister said the state government has taken various measures to control the expenditure of emoluments and services and supplies, which increase every year, including the creation of posts and allocation of managing state departments to avoid waste, while giving priority to funding for pertinent projects/programmes.

He said among the expenditures given priority was the Special Assistance Programme (Penang Lawan Covid-19) to help those affected by the pandemic and revive the state’s economy.

“For expenditure related to Covid-19, the state government has provided a total allocation of RM191.21 million which includes five phases of the Special Assistance Package (Penang Lawan Covid-19) amounting to RM176.44 million and additional incentives for 2021 amounting to RM14.77 million,” he said.