RECENTLY, a Twitter user shared a photo that showed a man on crutches limping his way up the stairs at Ampang Park LRT.

According to reports, the escalator and lift at LRT Ampang Park have been out of order since last year.

Following the netizen’s complaint, RapidKL said the lift at the LRT station is still under maintenance, thus customers should ask for staff assistance at the counter. “The staff can help,” they responded.

The response from RapidKL reportedly had made the situation worse, with netizens flooding the comment section with criticisms.

According to Malaysia Trend, Disability (OKU) advocacy group SIUMAN slammed the RapidKL and pointed out that the disabled community do not need assistance but rather, they need access.

“Access is a right. It’s disgusting how our society keeps spouting ‘santuni OKU’ (compassion for OKUs), yet does nothing to mandate universal access,” the advocacy group tweeted last night.”

“Maybe abled people don’t understand this, but it’s very demeaning for the disabled to have to be lifted when there is no access.”