THE police have warned us not to buy food and beverages from the “traffic light vendors”, and those who do will be fined RM2,000.

According to the World of Buzz, a local in Penang was caught in the act recently wanting to satisfy his pickled mango craving but in a very dangerous way.

A dashcam video that went viral showed a car abruptly stopping in the middle of the road, and to make matters worse; it was a busy thoroughfare.

As he had abruptly stopped in the middle of the road to satisfy his pickled mango craving, two unsuspecting drivers at the back couldn’t stop in time, causing both of their cars to meet with an accident.

It is believed that a car had crashed into the rear of the car with the dashcam.

This has caused significant inconvenience to both drivers involved in the crash as well as all other drivers stranded in traffic as a result of the collision.

The video has since garnered nearly 1k views.

Watch the video here: