PARIS: French far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour was attacked by an unknown individual ahead of his first rally held at the Villepinte exhibition center, Sputnik quoted a BFMTV report.

The incident occurred on Sunday, right before Zemmour went on stage, when a member of the audience jumped on him and grabbed him by the neck, BFMTV said releasing a video of the attack.

The individual is currently in police custody for “premeditated violence”. A police source told BFMTV that the man has a law offence record. The reason for the attack remains unclear.

Zemmour, an author and TV commentator, announced his presidential candidacy on Nov 30. The 63-year-old stands out among the right as more hardline than veteran politician Marine Le Pen.

On Sunday, Zemmour told his supporters in Villepinte that he was proposing to deport all illegal migrants from France and revoke the French citizenship of those who are also citizens of other countries. Zemmour plans to put these proposals up for a referendum.-Bernama