A RENOWNED hawker business in Singapore is gaining recognition for its trustworthiness and honesty.

The incident came to light when the Ah Gong Teochew Noodle Facebook page shared the story last Friday.

According to the Facebook post, a customer named Ong accidentally made an e-payment of SGD400 (RM1348) instead of the intended SGD4 (RM13.48) for a lunch order.

Although the specific location of the transaction is not disclosed, it occurred between 12pm and 2:30pm on May 12th.

The hawker stall chain announced that if they are unable to locate the customer by the end of the year, the remaining SGD396 (RM1335) will be donated to those in need.

Since the Facebook post, numerous online users from Malaysia and Singapore have successfully identified the rightful owner of the money, and they were thanked for their swift assistance.