Ipoh hypermarket staff masturbates in front of woman’s car

14 Oct 2019 / 11:58 H.

MOST of us will be shocked when someone masturbates openly in front of us. The least we could do is to quickly make an escape or shrug it off.

However, a woman in Ipoh managed to film the incident instead of honking her car to raise the alarm. She later uploaded the video on her Twitter account to warn everyone to be wary of that man.

The video showed a man, allegedly working for a hypermarket in Ipoh, masturbating in front of the woman’s car at the parking lot.

Her reasoning for not raising an alarm was because she wanted to have proof of the man committing the unsettling act. If she had simply honked as most of us would do, the perpetrator could have run away and gotten away scot-free.

While most would praise her for being able to keep a cool head, several netizens didn’t like what she did.

According to a follower, she shouldn’t have shared this video to publicly humiliate the man in case he’s actually mentally unstable. The follower claimed that the viral video could have caused the man to lose his job at the hypermarket which would not help him in the long run.

The user also added that if the man is harassing customers, the man should be given a job that does not involve much human interaction.

Whether the man is mentally unstable or not, the woman had the right to record the whole incident as a way to protect herself from doubters.

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