Man leaves wife cashless in grocery store after being told to hold child

20 Feb 2020 / 14:51 H.

A WIFE was left stranded in a local hypermarket after she asked her husband to hold their baby for 5 minutes as she shopped for groceries.

The woman was yelled at by her husband who shouted: “I’m working so hard and giving you money, am I supposed to take care of the kids as well?!”

The husband ended shouting at his wife and kids while they were queuing to pay for their groceries, asking her if is she happy he is the one paying for groceries.

However, another woman who witnessed the commotion chimed in saying: “Don’t think that just because you’re married, you can treat your wife like this. If you were my son-in law, I would’ve taught you a fine lesson.”

The woman proceeded to tell the wife not to listen to her husband aimlessly and men like him shouldn’t be respected in the first place.

The husband then walked out of the store leaving behind his wife. The wife, who had no money asked for the groceries to be cancelled.

Fortunately for her, the people standing behind her offered to chip in money for her groceries and helped carry the groceries to her car where her husband was waiting.

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