Manual check-ins a loophole for unvaccinated people to sneak in

PETALING JAYA: The shopping complex will maintain stringent gatekeeping to ensure the safety of shoppers, reports The Malaysian Insight.

The Malaysia Shopping Malls Association said this after some of its members were fined for not providing record books for registration.

It said malls preferred shoppers to check in with MySejathera to verify their vaccination status before entry.

“The use of the record book is an obvious loophole for unverified shoppers to gain entry, without any way for the mall personnel to verify their self-declared health status and most malls do not encourage the use of these books.

“Even though malls lose shoppers and gain more complaints and brickbats by doing so, we are adamant about ensuring strict and verified gatekeeping so as to keep everyone safe, thereby upholding the authorities’ call not to be lackadaisical about SOPs (standard operating procedures) in the current scenario where Covid-19 is already endemic,“ it reportedly said in a statement today.

It also pointed out that the malls had to comply with the SOPs of both the National Security Council (NSC) and local authorities.

The NSC requires people to check into commercial and public premises with MySejahtera or on registration logbooks provided by the owners of the premises.

The group said manual check-ins would only be allowed in locations without internet coverage or if the person had a reasonable excuse for not owning a handphone.-Bernama