Minimum four Covid-19 cases needed for fixture postponement

LONDON: Clubs can apply for a fixture postponement only if they have a minimum of four positive Covid-19 cases in their squads, the Premier League said on Wednesday following a meeting of representatives of all 20 sides.

A total of 22 games have been called off this season due to Covid-19 outbreaks and the subsequent unavailability of players, with the league being criticised by some clubs for their handling of the crisis.

Earlier, a match could be postponed if one of the teams did not have 13 available outfield players – and one goalkeeper – “either from its squad list or its appropriately experienced Under-21 players”.

“Following a club meeting today, the Premier League’s Covid-19 match postponement guidance has been updated to include a Covid-19 impact threshold,” the league said in a statement.

“From now on, if a club applies to postpone a match on the grounds of insufficient players due to Covid-19, they must have a minimum of four positive cases within their squad.”

The new guidelines will kick in ahead the game between Burnley and Watford on Feb 5. – Reuters