Nur Sajat’s family feels strain of negative publicity

THE family of Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman is feeling the strain of the negative publicity involving the transgender cosmetics entrepreneur.

Sajat’s younger sister, Mustika, has expressed her displeasure on Instagram. She pointed out all the controversies involving Nur Sajat have nothing to do with her.

“She left a negative reputation, and without being given a choice, I have to be responsible for all this? Not only that, she never apologised to me. In fact, she insulted me after I explained the real situation to the media. I didn’t even talk bad about her at the time.”

“I’m a mother. I have children. The negative effects will eventually take a toll on them someday. What would happen if they attend school, and people begin poking fun at their ‘uncle’? May God continue to strengthen me in facing such trials and tribulations,” she posted on Instagram.