LABUAN: More than 20 villages and several residential areas in this duty-free-island have been severely hit by water cuts since Monday (March 20) after the main water pump malfunctioned due to a power outage.

Affected areas are Kiamsam involving Kg Bebuloh, Kg Belukut, Kg Sg Buton, Kg Sg Bedaun and Taman Mahkota Impian at Jalan Bukit Timbalai.

Kg Layangan, Kg Sg Labu, Kg Kilan, Kg Bukit Kuda, areas in Kg Bukit Kalam in Layangan have also been hit.

Also affected are Kg Durian Tunjong, several areas in Jalan Penghulu Tuah, Kg Lajau, Kg Ganggarak, Kg Merinding. Kg Pohon Batu, Pancur Hitam, Kg Batu Manikar, Tg Kubong, Lubok Temiang and the surrounding areas in Pohon Batu.

Labuan Water Supply Division [BBAL]) head Trinil Indah Puspita said a thorough check by the Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) found there was an occurrence of electric spark at the electric panel of the main control board at the main pumping station of Pulau Enoe.

“This unexpected incident is beyond our control and efforts have been made to speed up the restoration of water supply to the affected areas but to no avail as the electric panel problems have yet to be resolved.

“We expect the problems will be resolved by late afternoon today and we will start pumping water supply to the balancing tanks located in several areas in this island,“ she said to Bernama today.

Trinil said consumers in Kiamsam, Pohon Batu and Layangan are expected to receive full water supply in the next two days.

She reminded consumera who are in need of water supply to contact BBAL for immediate supply.

Meanwhile, consumers here continued their rants on various social media platforms, expressing frustration over the authorities being unable to restore water supply to their respective areas.

They are now forced to rush to buy bottled water at supermarkets in anticipation of supply disruption that could last for several days. -Bernama