RoS allows MTUC to carry on business as usual, but no meetings allowed

26 Dec 2019 / 20:46 H.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Trade Union Council (MTUC) is allowed to carry on its business to represent workers at various platforms pending its 30-day suspension but we’re not allowed to conduct any meetings said MTUC president Datuk Abdul Halim Mansor, after an official meeting with the Registrar of Societies (RoS) this morning at ROS Selangor office.

“We explained that we submitted the documents every three years once after the approval of the Delegates Conference as per the constitution but the RoS claimed the financial statement should have been submitted every year,” explained Abdul Halim.

“Nonetheless, we will furnish them with the document as requested,“ he told theSun.

MTUC also issued a statement after the meeting with the RoS today, that it was unable to hold its General Council meeting, which it had done previously, 10 in all between 2017 and 2018. Reason being, an application by some union organisations questioning the locus standi of the MTUC General Council delegates and members, in which a case against MTUC was filed at the High Court.

According to MTUC secretary general J. Solomon,“The decision was challenged and an appeal was filed on Sept 30. While waiting the High Court’s decision, MTUC was unable to hold their General Council meeting.”

Meanwhile, the replacement of two staff seeing to MTUC’s “Triangle Project”, which was managed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), was not brought forward to the General Council, which was against its constitution. MTUC stated that the two staff mentioned were working since October 2016 and did not replace anyone.

Abdul Halim’s argument is that the complaints raised had nothing to do with financial matters.

“I’m disappointed that it has come to this point as matters can be resolved internally. Moreover, with the ‘suspension’, the General Council meeting on December 29 to determine the Triennial Delegates Conference cannot be carried out,” he said.

On Dec 18, the RoS had reportedly suspended the MTUC following a probe after it received complaints about its MTUC management.

According to RoS, it had received complaints against the MTUC on July 2, alleging poor management and its “suspension” was to protect the interest of the organisation from continuing to violate any of its constitution rules and regulations.

The MTUC has been given 30 days (from Dec 18), to explain why it should not be de-registered. MTUC has already submitted its response to RoS today.

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