Saudi oil company slammed for using foreign worker as a mobile hand sanitiser

PETALING JAYA: Saudi Arabian oil and gas company has recently been criticized for using a foreign worker as a mobile hand sanitiser. A Twitter photo which went viral recently showed staff members approaching the foreign worker to get their hands sanitised.

In response to this photo, netizens were furious by this inhumane act and even went on to say it was an act of slavery and some even called out on racism.

In response to this incident, the oil giant, Saudi Aramco has expressed its “strong dissatisfaction with this abusive behaviour that was used to emphasise the importance of sanitisation”. A Twitter statement was released yesterday, March 11 saying they have taken “drastic measures” to ensure this does not happen again.

However, there has not been any mention of compensation or an apology given to the man. Also, the statement did not mention who arranged for the man to be a mobile sanitiser.