PETALING JAYA: Selangor is in major disorder, according to the MCA.

It said the state government’s failure to ensure the provision of basic amenities such as clean water supply shows that a bigger failure is at hand if Pakatan Harapan (PH) is given the mandate to govern at the Federal Level again.

“This is the statutory duty of the state government (to ensure water supply),” MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Deputy Chairman Tan Gim Tuan said in a statement today.

“There is no excuse both in law and politics for failing to perform this duty. The politicians from DAP, Keadilan, Amanah, etc. often preach on ‘the rule of law’. Yet their failure in Selangor is a serious breach of statutory duty and the rule of law.

As a result “There may be reasons offered for the water cut this time round. However, Selangorians are ‘fed up’ with the PH’s administration of Selangor. Time and time again, crises loom. Water Cuts, Floods, Environmental Pollution, Rampant Development Approvals, Dengue Outbreaks, Absence of a solid Economic Agenda to improve lives and livelihood etc. Something is definitely rotten in this state.”

Selangor’s water crisis has caused loss of revenue and use of basic amenities, of which its provision is the statutory responsibility of the state government, Tan said.

“For the past few years, the business operations especially ‘mom and pop’ shops have incurred losses in millions of ringgit. Residents have to endure the relentless water crises that are totally unnecessary. If only today there is better leadership and direction from the state government. However, there is none.

“It is no surprise that the Selangor Menteri Besar and the state government’s popularity have fallen over the years. Pictures by the MB’s spouse of the swimming pool and another of an Air Selangor water tanker purportedly at their home while Selangor and Klang Valley residents waiting in queue under the hot sun to fill their pails from the water tankers have not gone down well with the people,” he added.

Tan said almost all PH bigwig leaders are “stationed” in Selangor. “These are the so-called top leaders from DAP, Keadilan, Amanah who hold important government posts in the state. Others are elected representative of the people at the State and Parliament levels.

“Yet with such strong presence, they have failed to deliver. The big PH political personalities have failed the people. It goes to show that they are just simply politicians for the sake of politics. There is no interest on their part (or simply not competent enough) to deliver to the people and build this nation,” he added.