JASIN: The Malacca state government will expand the ‘Singgit Seposen’ programme through Malacca Green Technology Corporation in an effort to boost awareness of the importance of recycling among citizens in the state.

State Education and Technology Committee chairman Datuk Rais Yasin said seven types of waste, cooking oil, fabrics, aluminium, glass bottles, paper and plastic bottles will be bought from consumers at prices between RM0.10 and RM2.50 per kilogramme (kg), depending on the type.

“The 5R recycling concept, reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink and repurpose, not only can avoid the waste of limited natural resources but also bring a positive impact to the environment.

“The ‘Singgit Seposen’ programme will not only educate the public on managing waste but also help communities generate side incomes from their waste,” he told reporters after the implementation of the programme at Dewan Alamanda here today.

He added that around 4,500 kg of recyclables - 658 kg of cooking oil, fabrics (1,598 kg), electronics (552 kg), aluminium tins (102 kg), glass bottles (146 kg), paper (1,117 kg) and plastic drink bottles (286 kg), were sold by consumers with a total payment of RM2,300 at the programme today.

“I can say that today’s programme is rather successful with the total of waste collected, and proves that it received a welcome response from Jasin residents,” he said.

He added that consumers just needed to bring their recyclables and sell them through the drive-through using this programme.

This programme will be organised again with the cooperation of the Malacca Green Technology Corporation and the Alor Gajah Municipal Council this October.-Bernama