Study found PTPTN loans indispensable, borrowers willing to repay loans

10 Jul 2019 / 16:49 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: A survey conducted by UCSI Poll Research Centre found Malaysians would be unhappy if there was no National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) study loans for the future generations.

According to the centre’s chief executive officer, Assistant Professor Dr Noppadon Kannika, the study that polled 700 people also found slightly more than half (51.6%) of the PTPTN borrowers were more likely to pay back their education loan under their current financial situation.

It also found 73.1% of the respondents agreed with the idea of deferring repayment for those earning less than RM2,000 a month while 65.8% want loan waivers for those who graduate with first class honours to be done away with or replaced with partial waivers.

“About 55.3% asked for an income-based repayment scheme for new borrowers. However, 45.1% of the respondents refused to have defaulters prosecuted,” he said in a statement issued here today.

The survey was conducted to gauge public opinions on the new loan repayment mechanism.

“This survey can assist PTPTN and the Education Ministry to look into alternatives to formulate the policy on addressing the issues at hand. It is to find out what borrowers want and to find a meeting point through the policy,” said Noppadon.

The survey was conducted between June 22 and July 9 in Kuala Lumpur with respondents of different income groups and educational background. — Bernama

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