KUANTAN: An aerial bomb, believed to be from World War 2, was found in an oil palm plantation in Felda Triang 1, Bera on Monday by a settler.

District police chief, DSP Mansor Samsudin, said the settler reported it to police after he stumbled across the unexploded bomb at 3.30pm while clearing the undergrowth behind his house.

“The UXO (unexploded ordnance) which weighs 226kg and is 36in long was found sticking half way out of the ground.

“The bomb is scheduled to be detonated where it lies tomorrow because it is too risky to move,” he said when contacted today.

However, there is a challenge because it is about 100m away from the settler’s house, so he will be evacuated to a Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) nearby.

Mansor added that the Bukit Aman bomb disposal unit arrived today to prepare for the detonation. — Bernama