A FOOD SELLER has violated the health code and food safety regulations as authorities found raw ingredients for her food in unsanitary conditions.

Foiled by the Bachok Islamic Religious Office and Bachok District Council in Kelantan, they discovered that the food seller had allegedly sold the food kept in unsavoury conditions to other Muslims who were secretly not fasting, Sinar Harian reports.

In their recent raid, over 20 packages of rice and chicken alongside bundles of iced tea were confiscated by the authorities.

Bachok Religious Officer Suratemi Mat Yusof said they were notified by the public about the woman’s covert business.

“During the raid, it was discovered that 20 hidden packets of rice was stored in a washing machine. Other than that, we found marinated chicken in the toilet. We also found iced tea hidden in her bedroom,” Suratemi explained.

In a Facebook post by the Bachok District Council it said that the operation was conducted under Section 10 of the Syariah Criminal Code No. 1/2019 in the state of Kelantan.

It is believed that the woman sold her food directly from her home to other Muslim customers who reached out to her secretly.

Upon interrogation, the food seller admitted to packing the cooked rice before the buyers contacted her to take their food, according to Suratemi.

“After an interrogation, the woman in her 40s finally admitted that she would sell the food to those who are not fasting”, he clarified.

After the raid, the food seller was issued a warning notice to attend counselling sessions in order not to sell any food products during the morning throughout the fasting month.

“In the operation, no arrests were made since they managed to escape as soon as they were aware of the authorities’ presence,” Suratemi added.