KEPALA BATAS: The Institute of Advanced Medicine and Dentistry (IPPT) of Universiti Sains Malaysia became the first university in Malaysia to introduce a Metaverse Spatial Library that offers a variety of digital environments connected to the virtual world without computers.

Vice-Chancellor of USM Prof Datuk Dr Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan said it has introduced the metaverse concept of virtual reality (VR) to the university's residents because VR was making inroads in the mainstream of technology and had vast potential.

“In terms of education, metaverse can be a learning and teaching platform that includes all information and entertainment integrated in the three-dimensional virtual world and USM is coming to grips with technological advances in the education revolution of the new millennium.

“To enter the metaverse world, everyone needs a specialised device like a VR (head-set) set and currently the IPPT library in collaboration with the information technology division has developed an online internal system called ‘VR Discovery’ which is a 3D Data Management System.

“Through the internal system, it can transform library information source materials such as image materials, anatomical models, electronic books, documents and others into three-dimensional format,“ he said after the Metaverse Space opening ceremony at IPPT USM here today.

Faisal Rafiq said the source material is then automatically displayed on a web portal called ‘GoVR’ for access to more interactive three-dimensional formatted information by users.

The uniqueness of the project is to explore and bring the world of virtual reality to the GoVR web portal using a headset.

He said the initiative is known as ‘WebVR’ which enables users to experience the immersive virtual reality technology in the library and improves the effectiveness of teaching and training conducted at USM.

Meanwhile, project leader Hasniza Amno said the Metaverse Space (Spatial) project at IPPT is to provide high-impact services that are different from existing conventional services through a more creative three-dimensional virtual reality platform.

“It is also part of the concept of edutainment in the library to create an immersive experience, where students are in a virtual interactive learning environment,“ she said.-Bernama