Warning about Haj scams

10 Jun 2021 / 18:00 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: Offers of Haj pilgrimage packages to Mecca at ridiculously low prices should be viewed with suspicion as they may possibly be a scam due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions in place currently.

Federal police commercial crimes investigations department director Commissioner Datuk Mohd Kamaruddin Md Din said today that despite a recent announcement by the government that such travel for the pilgrimage remains uncertain as the quota of pilgrims and permission from the Saudi Arabian authorities is yet to be received, several local travel agencies have started making offers for Haj and Umrah pilgrimage travel for this year.

He said a Malaysian student association in Saudi Arabia had in a press statement rebutted claims by certain parties that the Badal Haji or performing of Haj by a proxy can be carried out by Malaysian students in Saudi Arabia without a permit or licence.

Mohd Kamaruddin said the association also said that the offer of between RM1,500 and RM2,000 for the Badal Haji services was absurdly low after considering the costs for accommodation, travel, meals and permits.

“As such, we view these actions by certain travel agencies as untimely and possibly a scam. We will investigate any party which commits such a scam for cheating. We urge the public to be wary and to refer to the relevant government agencies before deciding to take up any of these travel package offers.” he said.

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