A YOUNG woman has taken to Twitter to anonymously confess that her mother is preventing her from getting married to her boyfriend until her older sister gets married first.

According to her confession posted on Twitter, she has been dating her boyfriend for over a year and has popped the big question, but now her mother has come between her plans of tying the knot due to her older sister not being married first.

“The problem is, my mother would not bend the rules in allowing me to marry ahead of my older sister. She is unmarried, let alone with any prospective suitors,” she explained.

The young woman also said that things have gotten complicated with her boyfriend and her family. In her attempt to discuss this matter with her mother, but she was told to be patient and let her older sister get married off first.

Another issue she has with her family is that they keep on delaying meeting her boyfriend and her mother always makes up excuses as to why he cannot come and see her family.

“My mother always makes up this excuse that he cannot simply come over to the house for no reason,” she added.

The anonymous woman also said that her mother was merely looking out for how her older sister felt about the situation at hand.

“Her reason is that she wants to look out for my sister’s heart, but I have become the middleman in this situation,“ the confessor lamented.

The confessor said that this had gotten her and her boyfriend into many arguments but he constantly relented by leaving it to fate, saying “if it is meant to be, it will be”.

But one day, the boyfriend had laid down an ultimatum to the confessor, threatening to leave if they are not married by the end of the year.

“I am in confusion about the whole situation here. Please help me,” she said at the end of her post.

While netizens mainly disagreed with the mother’s action, calling it old-fashioned and unnecessary others have given their two cents on the issue and advised her how to move forward.

“Ask your older sister to step in for you but after that, you have to comply to her demands like compensation for bending the rules for your marriage,” a netizen suggested.

“You talk to your older sister first and ask if she is alright with you marrying first, Once she approves, you ask her to slowly convince your mother and advise her not to stop a good thing from happening to you,” a netizen chimed in.