Sarawak’s Kelabit community who live in Kuala Lumpur put on a show recently that opened the eyes of peninsula residents to their culture and traditions. Held at Berjaya Times Square and organised by the Foundation for Indigenous Art, “The Kelabits Live in Kuala Lumpur” event attracted an audience of hundreds over two days. Foundation chairman Dr Andre Ratos said the event was a continuation of the legacy of his late father Datuk Anthony Ratos and his love for the Orang Asli community. “My father made me promise to continue his legacy of preserving the heritage of the Orang Asli. “He said it was important to continue giving them support and maintaining their dignity through their woodwork carvings,” Andre told theSun. (Pic) Kelabit performers doing a traditional dance at the event. AMIRUL SYAFIQ THESUN