KUALA LUMPUR: The Wanita Bangkit initiative implemented by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry (KPWKM) through the 100-Day Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia - AKM (Malaysian Family Aspirations) programme has produced a total of 2,194 women entrepreneurs, as well as secured jobs for another 557 people.

The ministry’s secretary -general, Dr Maziah Che Yusoff said the women were offered the jobs and business opportunities by several agencies and private companies that collaborated with the ministry to help realise the initiative.

They include the Women Development Department (JPW), National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN), MyKasih Kapital under the National Welfare Foundation, TalentCorp Malaysia and the Social Security Organisation (Socso) under the Human Resources Ministry and Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM).

Jobs were also offered by Richworks International Sdn Bhd, HEYHO Sdn Bhd, DSAB Holdings Sdn Bhd, UniKL Sdn Bhd, Leong Hup International Berhad and Shukor Dagang Sdn Bhd.

“MyKasih Kapital, for example, provides the capital to encourage women to do business, especially those who have been involved in e-commerce or dropship and other businesses.

“LPPKN helps women from low-income households to generate income through the MamaCare programe by providing them with systematic and professional capacity training in holistic maternal care services after childbirth,“ she said in a statement on KPWKM’s 100-Day AKM today.

Maziah said the Wanita Bangkit initiative was one of the five AKM programmes implemented by the ministry to support the Malaysian Family model with the concepts of inclusivity, common ground and contentment.

Other initiatives involved providing advocacy assistance to address the issue of violence against women through the Waja Squad programme, providing social support to the community through the establishment of a Local Social Support Center (PSSS), creating a Toll Free Helpline Family Care@ LPPKN for families affected by Covid -19 as well as registering the People With Disabilities (OKU) with the OKU Digital Card through the MyDAFTAR OKU programme.

Maziah said under the MyDAFTAR OKU programme, a total of 2,350 OKU Digital Card registrations had been approved, exceeding the target of 2,000, while another 2,582 applications would be processed from Nov 16 to Dec 9 this year.

Meanwhile, for the Waja Squad programe, she said, a total of 164,264 individuals had been given advocacy on violence against women; 91,601 people exposed to Waja Squad advocacy; 22,186 (Destress Clinic advocacy) and 11,161 (Law Clinic advocacy).

Through the Toll Free Helpline Family Care @LPPKN programme, a total of 1,327 household cases have been resolved and 396 cases scheduled to be resolved by Dec 9.

“This line was created as a direct link for those with domestic problems to KPWKM. The LPPKN counselors who handle them are trained counselors and are registered with the Malaysian Board of Counselors.

“They handle cases according to the stipulated counseling ethics and all information shared by clients is confidential,“ he added.

In line with the commitment to provide the public with social issues access to immediate assistance, KPWKM has also established a PSSS at Bangunan Ehsan, Jalan Hang Lekiu, here and four mobile PSSS units.