KUALA TERENGGANU: The number of flood victim in Terengganu has increased to 45 people from 10 families as at 11.30 am today, compared to 25 people (five families) yesterday.

A statement released by the State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat said two relief centres (PPS) were opened in Setiu today to accommodate the new victims.

They are at Balai Raya Kampung Bari Besar, to accommodate 16 victims (four families) and Masjid Chalok Kedai (five families).

A PPS was opened at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kompleks Mengabang Telipot, in Kuala Nerus distrct yesterday, where 24 victims (five families) were being given temporary shelter.

Meanwhile, the Drainage and Irrigation Department, through its infobanjir portal, stated that the water level in Sungai Chalok, in Setiu distrIct, had exceeded the danger level of 8.40m metres (m). The measurement taken at 11.30 am showed the level at 9.46 metres.

In Besut, the water level of Sungai Besut at Jambatan Keruak rose to 34.47m, which exceeded the warning level of 34 , and in Setiu, the water level of Sungai Setiu in Kampung Besut was 17.43m, above the warning level of 17m.

Two water level at two other rivers -- Sungai Nerus at Kampung Langkap in Setiu and Sungai Marang at Jambatan Pengkalan Berangan in Marang -- has exceeded the alert level. - Bernama