5 years’ jail for cakoi seller for having pistol, bullets, parang

27 Jan 2021 / 22:11 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: A cakoi seller was sentenced to five years’ jail by three Ampang Sessions Court judges, here, today for illegally possessing several bullets, a pistol and a parang.

All three judges, Jumirah Marjuki, Norhazani Hamzah and Azrul Darus, pronounced their respective sentences on Kow Peng Han, 39, after the accused pleaded guilty to all three charges.

For the charge of possessing bullets, Jumirah sentenced the accused to two years’ imprisonment, Azrul passed a jail sentence of five years for gun possession, while Norhazani gave him another five years for the charge of possessing a parang.

The accused, however, will be jailed for five years after the court ordered all three sentences to run concurrently from the date of his arrest, Jan 1.

On the first and second charge, the man was alleged to possess 10 Luger PMC 9mm (millimetre) bullets and a SIG Sauer P224 pistol without any legal authorisation, at the corner of Jalan Perdana 2/3A, Pandan Perdana, here, at 10.45 am, Jan 1.

The charge under Section 8 (a) of the Arms Act 1960 provides for a jail term of up to seven years or a fine not exceeding RM10,000 or both.

The accused was also charged with possessing a 69-centimetre parang in a public area without legal authorisation, at the same location and time, under Section 6(1) of the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958, which specifies a sentence not exceeding five years and up to 10 years.

Kow, who was unrepresented, had earlier asked for a minimum sentence as he is a single father with two children.

Deputy public prosecutors, Irna Julieza Maaras and S. Sangitaa requested for a heavier sentence as the weapons the accused possessed could cause serious injuries or death.

“Public interest must be taken into account in this case. A heavy sentence will serve as a deterrent to the accused and the public to not repeat such a crime,” they said.

According to the facts of the case, the accused, who was driving a car, was stopped by a police team after the car was seen leaving a house in Pandan Perdana and upon inspection, police found the bullets, pistol and parang in the car. — Bernama

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